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What happened to translations on Immersion

I'm still not really ready for Immersion right now, but I go there now and again. The last time I went I was able to work on a translation and hover over any word I was tranlating to see its translation and then it was up to me to make it make sense in English. Do I have to Google it now?

If that feature is in fact gone, I would like to suggest it return because it was a real motivator for me to continue learning after I finished the tree. By easily hovering over words I can learn them and simultaneously reinforce their meaning within a real word sentence. At this point I can only use Immersion if I'm an expert.

July 25, 2013



It's not gone. There is currently a glitch that we're working on fixing.


Thank God!!!


I also liked the option to place a comment, after submitting our translation, to humbly explain our attempt! I hope you can keep that feature also.


If you use the side by side view, the option to leave a comment isn't there, but if you use just the original view, a popup appears with the option to leave a comment.


Oh, that's good! I tried it and it works. Thanks!

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