"En rosa gris och ett vitt får simmar i vattnet."

Translation:A pink pig and a white sheep are swimming in the water.

January 8, 2015

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Funny pronunciation of 'får' here. The å should be long.


Yes. For me, it's impossible to hear what the automated voice is saying at normal speed.

I assume the automated voice only has one pronunciation/emphasis for 'får' - I think the verb 'får' would have this weaker emphasis, and maybe a shorter vowel.


'En rosa gris '... Very strange for me since in Spanish this means :' In pink grey'xd

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Yes, similar problem for french learners


Why is 'are swimming' incorrect here?


det finns för många ord att är ''får''


There are only two meanings of får, though. Edit: I'm an idiot.


I would argue that there are more than two english translations of får Devalanteriel! Får can mean sheep, get/receive, may/be allowed to, and occasionally even must/have to. In addition , the infinitive form of the verbs can also mean few... that one confused me a bunch the first few times I came across it. It definitely is one of the more confusing words in the course - at least initially!


Oh, haha, I'm an idiot. I was thinking strictly of word forms, not senses. Sorry, carry on...


haha! I figured as much! :)


Okay, so I'm probably completely off, here. But could this be translated as "One pink pig and one white get to swim in the water"?

Edit: No, because that would be simma. Right.


And also because one is a pig and one is a sheep. :)


Right, but I was thinking back to the "black horses and a white one" exercise and was using "får" in its verb form.


Ah, sorry, I didn't consider får/får. But yeah, you're right. That would indeed be simma. Well thought and well caught. :)


What is the word for "rose" in Swedish, please? I translated "a rose pig" and was marked wrong. There was an image of a pink pig in my mind then but I wrote a wrong word :)


In the sense of pink, that'd be rosa. But saying "a rose pig" doesn't really seem like idiomatic English?


It's not. I can conceive of scenarios where you might use "rose" to describe a pig, but they're fringe cases. You might use, for example, rose as a descriptor if there is a rose bush that's been trimmed into the shape of a pig.


is there a difference in pronunciation between the verb får and the noun får?


Yeah, according to the answer given, I got this correct but it counted it as wrong


If that happens again, please consider leaving an error report. That way, I can either see what went wrong or send it off to the developers as a bug.


Why don't you accept: are swimming "?


Is this a reference to Peppa Pig? On in Swedish, Gretta Gris?

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