"I have a dinner with him in January."

Translation:Ho una cena con lui a gennaio.

July 26, 2013

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Sono italiana , si può dire a gennaio e in gennaio


Molto utile, grazie


So when there is a phrase about time, such as "in January," should I generally use "a" instead of "in"? Or is there another reason why the correction translation is "a gennaio" and not "in gennaio"?


DL would not allow me to use cenare here - I don't see why? Ceno con lui a gennaio. Should be correct?


Yes, but why play with it? Just take what DL asked I have (ho) a dinner (una cena) then your answer would have been right. In time, the DL algorithms will catch up with all the alternatives rather than just a lot of them.


I do not see this as playing with it -we have learned cenare - to have dinner. It is a more efficient was of saying this! I agree there are many people on these forums that waste everyones time with playing with it - DL teaches you many stock phrases and if you stick to them you learn the patterns.


The problem you have is that the question DL posed was "to have a dinner" not "to have dinner"


In English there is no difference between to have a dinner and to have dinner. In Italian there may be since articles seem to express a lot in Italian but I do not know. DL did actually accept my Cenare option as good Italian. I do think io ceno and io ho una cena are basically the same thing from exploring it back in past lessons. Although Io ho la cena expresses something different.


An interesting debate we're having! However, having been a writer/journalist/broadcaster for many years, I cannot agree that have a dinner & have dinner are the same. In Italian, articles seem to have a somewhat flexible nature. But similarly, and for reasons I won't bore you with, io ceno does not strictly equal io ho una cena. Also, io ho la cena does equal io ceno. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Stammi bene e a presto professoressa!


Ceno con lui ...means.... I have dinner with him.

Ho una cena con lui... means ....I have A dinner with him.

Your translation has a slightly different meaning.


DL accept this



I have a dinner with him in January.
Ho una cena con lui a gennaio.

Ask yourself - is "a dinner" a verb? So why insist on using "cenare"? And here I am assuming that you know that "cenare" is a verb.

Keep it simple.

The lesson plan here is for users to practice the usage of the preposition "a".

Follow the program to learn Italian and how it is expressed in Italian.

Happy e-learning.

:) KK


Thete are lesson plans here? I find it hard to believe, there is too much repetition and lack of rotating vocabulary. Seems like some one gets tired and just fills in with old phrases. I am serious


you often have to use "a" before a month


I selected 'in gennaio' and it was rejected!


Faccio una cena... Wouldn't this be okay too?


I used "in gennaio" and it was accepted.


Why does "ceniamo con lui" not accepted?


That is "we have dinner with him"


I answered, "Faccio la cena con lui a gennaio." Why is it wrong?


Why not "con lui" at the end of the sentence?


why is "a gennaio, ho una cena con lui" incorrect?


Ceneró con lui in gennaio - é futuro no? But was not accepted


I wish I could post screenshots. This is a 'choose the word' palette. While it gave me credit for a correct answer, it says I have a typo and that I should have said "Io ceno con lui a gennaio." 'Io' and 'ceno' were not words available to select for the answer; HO was.


Is word order not very flexible in Italian? I put "a gennaio" in front & that was counted wrong

*A gennaio ho una cena con lui


Why is "io ho cena con lui a gennaio" wrong?


Spiacente, the G was a typo! Ho una cena a gennaio


somewhere else I was told that faccio colazione.. so I put faccio una cena.... oh sigh


I clicked on the words "I have" and it came up with "prendo" . I used that and was marked wrong??

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