"I do not remember them."

Übersetzung:Ich erinnere mich nicht an sie.

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Warum ist "Ich erinnere sie nicht" falsch?

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It is not exactly wrong but it is an uncommon and regional (mostly northern Germany) variant so nothing that should be taught (and accepted) in a general course in standard German. If you use it outside the dialectal area where it is accepted people will think it is wrong (which in itself is an incorrect assumption) or even think that you used an Anglicism (which is worse than a mistake for some people) by translating the English expression literally.

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Statt "sie" müsste es "ihrer" heißen. Klingt im Mündlichen aber etwas gestelzt.

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Warum heißt es nicht Ich erinnere mich nich daran?

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weil then darinsteht

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