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Level progress

Ever since I set a daily goal, I can no longer see how much xp is left until I reach the next level. Is there a way to cancel the goal or to the see the progress?

January 8, 2015



You could try following the instructions here. It works for me using Chrome


Can't you still see your progress after a lesson or 'strengthening skills'? That's how it is for me. The coach is on the home page, but I have the number of xps (and the level bar) at the end of an exercise. Besides, if you go on your profile, you can see the badges of the languages you're learning, and underneath them you'll have the exact number of xps you need to reach the next level.


I think these are both A/B tests, because I get neither


I've never been able to see how much xp is left until I reach the next level :(

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