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Dictionary Hints Won't Appear.

Recently, I can't get the hovering dictionary hints to pop up. More than half of the time, they just won't appear.

Occasionally, it will work if I wait some time. It might be my browser or computer, but it was working fine for the past few weeks.

July 26, 2013



There was an issue with our dictionary that should now be fixed. Please let us know if this happens again.


Thanks Luis, it seems to be working again


It's working again for me, too. Thanks Luis.


I am having this issue as well. It had been working fine, and only just stopped functioning properly in the last few days. Sometimes logging out and closing the browser window fixes the issue temporarily. I am using the Google Chrome browser.


I just started having this problem about an hour ago. I am also using Google Chrome.


Same problem, started about an hour ago. Also using Google Chrome, which seems to be the common denominator here. But they worked previously.

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