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  5. "Sie wird sich melden."

"Sie wird sich melden."

Translation:She will get in touch.

July 26, 2013



Is "She will report" a possible translation ? (it was not accepted)


Thanks for asking, it just accepted that answer from me.


It is marked as correct for me too :)


Guys they probably updated after this comment


And what about, "She will volunteer?"


"She will get in contact", doesn't sound as nice as "she will get in touch", but it has the approximate meaning.


agreed, it should be accepted


"She will call" was not accepted, while in an other question the correct translation for "Er wird sich melden" was "he will call". Why? What's the diffarence?


Surely the point is that, culturally speaking, the most common way to "get in touch" is to call (i.e. by telephone). But this could also mean, by letter, or by email, or indirectly through an intermediary (because you are in the jungle and otherwise out of contact). Probably, however, it will be by telephone, and on the assumption that that is the principal method of making contact, they are equivalent.....

[deactivated user]

    The verb 'rufen' translates more accurately as 'to call.'


    This is how I remember this verb: Melden= get in touch like Spock with a mind Meld!


    Ok, now I need someone to explain why on earth is the "sich" needed here? Direct translation word by word would be "She will report herself" but the correct translation is "she will report".


    Think of this sentence as talking about a soldier reporting for duty. Without the reflexive pronoun the meaning would be different -- for example, she could report another soldier's bad behavior, or report the position of the enemy -- but since here she is reporting (herself) for duty, it's reflexive rather than transitive, since she is both the subject and the object.


    Thanks for your explanation, it sounds logical. The dictionary dict.cc even lists "to report for duty" as "sich zum Dienst melden". http://www.dict.cc/?s=sich+melden I have just to take it as granted that German language is using the reflexive pronouns far more often than they are used in English and in several other languages and that they cannot be always translated simply as "oneself".


    I guess such a militaristic expression befits Germans? (Since this is the expression they use.)

    [deactivated user]

      Is there a differentiation between "She will get in touch with herself", perhaps as an inner "meditation" context, as a direct translation of this refl. verb implies, or "She will get in touch...with an unspecified individual", as more popular use will imply? Seems like this sentence can be used for both.


      To specify who she's getting in touch with you'd need to use the preposition "bei":

      Sie wird sich bei uns melden -- She will get in touch with us

      Based on what I could find on the Internet, "getting in touch with one's self" in the context of meditation or self-awareness isn't phrased that way in German. I found examples of both "Sie wird sich selbst spĆ¼ren und verstehen" -- literally, "She will feel and understand herself" -- and "Sie wird sich selbst finden" -- "She will find herself"


      I don't get "sich" it's like a silent word..?


      Why is she will register not correct?


      Is "She will register" a possible translation ? (it was not accepted)


      Why is 'She will keep in touch.' wrong here?


      "she will keep in touch" would be translated as "sie wird in kontakt bleiben". That is an action over a some period of time. While "sich melden" is more a one time thing. Like calling someone (once).


      How come "She will contact you" is not correct?


      Because there is no object (you) in the phrase, see above discussion. The approximate translation is "she will get in touch" - which does not mention with whom.


      She will get in touch-- correct. She will contact you -- incorrect.

      mmmm... maybe not identical but I think the message is essentially the same. "notify" "contact" "report" are all translations of this word.. apparently it is meant to be transitive--as in someone is supposed to get that report, or to be notified, or gotten in touch with.


      Is "she will call" not an option?


      Was marked incorrect when in fact i was correct


      I cannot get through the lesson duo keeps saying i i am wrong helo


      Why is 'She will keep in touch' wrong here?


      what is the purpose of sich?


      so without a context, this sentence can mean several totally different things?

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