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Different Time Zones

I lost my 167 day streak because Duolingo did not recognise I was in a different time zone. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would still have been in time if Duolingo had not been running slow, although it could have been the hotel wifi connection.

January 8, 2015



I'm sorry that you lost your streak. The reason why you can find here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Streak "Note that midnight is determined according to the time zone you were in when you created your account,[5] which may differ from your current time zone. There is currently no way to change which time zone your streak resets according to. "


Thanks for that. I never missed a day from start to finish of the course but I will probably wait now until I return from holiday. Before I started the course I was in 16 different time zones in five weeks so it would have been impossible to create a streak.

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