"Jag gillar dig."

Translation:I like you.

January 9, 2015

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Can this mean both in the sense of as friends and in the sense of having a crush on someone? Is there a particular word/phrase for to have a crush?


Yes, this could be both.

I’d say the closest Swedish equivalent for ”to have a crush on” is vara kär i. It is to be romantically interested in someone, but not ’love’ which is älska.


I thought that vara kär i meant to be in love with someone? That if someone älskar someone, then they är kär i dem?


Älskar is like love, but vara kär i or vara förälskad i can be more of 'having a crush on someone', they both denote a more short and intense sort of feeling. I usually say vara kär i for be in love with too though.
Children and teens sometimes use gillar for have a crush on too.


So what's the difference between tycker om and gillar?


None really. Gillar is a little bit more colloquial.


In the tree i answered Jag gillar dig and it was marked wrong. The answer was shown to be Jag gillar dej. I have Never Come across this Before. I would love an explanation


My ears still don't pick up the difference in pronunciation between "dig" and "det."

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