"I ishockey har alla spelare en klubba."

Translation:In ice hockey, all players have a stick.

January 9, 2015

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Why is the swedish sentence not using a comma to seperate the phrase and clause?


Swedish just doesn't want a comma there or in similar situations. It would look strange and very old-fashioned to us natives.


I'd say that the fact that the word order changes here makes the comma unnecessary. But that is just a guess. The only thing I can say for sure is that we don't want it there!


I noticed that, when there is a verb at the second postion, it is as if there was a comma. This way you can distinguish the main proposal from the first one. :)


How should I say "each player has a stick" in swedish?


English is messed up here compared to Swedish or Spanish, etc. It should be "sticks" to be grammatically correct even though it makes the language less precise. The acceptable answers assume English is similar, so I answered accordingly, but I guess maybe that should be changed - same for all the sentences ending in prepositions.


Now explain this in Bandy.

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