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  5. "Kom ned från bordet!"

"Kom ned från bordet!"

Translation:Come down from the table!

January 9, 2015



Is there a correct time to use ner and to use ned?


Ned is more formal, but both are equally accepted. Ner is the one usually used in speech.


So why is my answer recognised as a typo if I use "ner"?


I don’t know. Both are equally valid when I check the accepted translations.


Happened to me also in another sentence when I used "ner", and got a typo, saying "ned" was the correct answer. Is it possible to post a screen print in a comment? If so, I'll try redoing the quiz and see what I get


Yeah, you can upload it on e.g. Imgur and then post the link as a picture, but also report mistakes using the report button since we mods cannot go through all comment threads.


If it's that cat on there, it would be "Get off the table!"


Åh kapten, min kapten!


I am finally getting listen and type again and on this one bordet sounds like vodet, or when I listen Very carefully I can barely here the r. Is this how bordet is pronounced?


Speaking as a native speaker, I'd say it sounds just fine.

[deactivated user]

    What's the difference between ner and ned? Both means down.

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