"Uddannelserne i Amerika er dyre."

Translation:Education in America is expensive.

January 9, 2015

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No, 'The educations in America are expensive,' is NOT correct. 'Education' is a non-count noun and has no plural form.


I agree with the aforementioned about the English translation. The Danish sentence is wright? Is "uddannelse" a countable or non countable noun?


It is countable in Danish.

While this sentence is a bit dubious and I will correct the English translation, "education" is definitely a countable noun. Consider:

  • "The applicants had comparable educations."
  • "Their educations differed greatly because of how much money their parents could afford"


My natural manner of speech would leave education in both of those sentences singular. While it may not be wrong to pluralize education, in most cases, especially the problem statement we are discussing, it comes off as something a non-native speaker would say.


I disagree, it sounds natural to me. In this sentence though, I would use the singular "education."


O.K so having read all the comments, I have to ask would it be correct in Danish to then use the singular form of this word, (Uddannelse i Amerika er dyr)?


Lisa, I'd add an article here: "En uddannelse en Amerika er dyr", basically saying "(Doing) an educational course in America is expensive."

Since uddannelse is a countable noun, I think it's better to translate it as "course" in your head to get the grammar right.


Mange tak! I truly appreciate your getting back to me so quickly. Yes it does help to think of it as course instead of education here.


Is the pronunciation of "uddannelserne" in this sentence correct? Sounds weird to me.

[deactivated user]

    What I do in situations like that is I go to forvo.com and search up the word there


    Thanks, great advice! Pronunciation sounds the same on forvo.


    Why is uddannelserne plural? What can be the logic behind the sentence? In what context would this be used like this? Thanks in advance. :)


    Uddannelse is plural here because you can go through many courses to get your educational fix. :)
    "En uddannelse" refers to one full course of education and/or work training.


    I also found this unnatural until I remembered that in English we use the word 'study' in the plural without batting an eyelid: He completed his studies.


    Kindergarten to high school tend to be fairly inexpensive unless you choose to go to a private school at which point you will be looking at tuition fees. That is at the option of the parents. College is also an option as is a trade school for after high School. At this point yes there is going to be tuition and prices for books and activities etc. However you can receive free government grants for grants that are set up if you qualify to the particular program you asked for and there are government loans at inexpensive percentages as well as other loans and scholarships that are only paid back if you drop out of classes. There are ways to reach the expense that you need to get through college. I will see young mother a single parent and I got government assistance I even managed to get assistance paying my babysitter when my children were young so I could go. We also car pooled to make the ride cheaper.


    I always winch when America is to be equated with the USA. In Germany, this is often corrected. Is it different in Denmark?


    Education until 17 is entirely free in USA


    Jeg bor i Danmark, og jeg går i dansk sprogskole. "Uddannelserne"= THE educationS !


    Det er rigtigt hvis du snakker dansk, men ikke på engelsk. :)

    Det engelske ord "education" er sædvanligvis ikke tællelig, derfor sjælden kan findes flertalformen "educations".

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