"Myran tycker om våren."

Translation:The ant likes the spring.

January 9, 2015

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This is one of the cutest sentences i've come across on Duolingo


Yeah, I feel really happy for the ant :D


I want someone to write a bilingual children's book centered around this. <3


Aw this made me think about Antz or a Bug's Life. I love those movies that humanize the smallest creatures.


...eftersom han kan hitta spindeln.


We are getting to know this ant really well.


We're not likely to use the definite article in English for seasons.


definite articles are often used when talking about seasons. It's not required but it's very common especially when talking about things which will take place in the immediate future.


@myshkin_ Exactly my thought. The song refrain is repeating in my brain, "winter, spring, summer or fall... all you have to do is call..."

Or as in, "When summer comes, we'll be swimming in the ocean" whether summer is tommorrow or 6 months from now.

There is a song, "in the summertime" but that's not summer.

There's the famous, "in the winter of our discontent" where the specific season is modified, so we know it's a specific winter. So I'll suggest the definite article is included when a specific season is being referenced, as in "the spring of the Covid crisis." :-( So, I'm with myshkin_ . "The definite article is less frequently implemented when using the word for any particular season. So it's interesting.

But then again (sorry for the dissertation) seasons are super important in Sweden, so perhaps that's the reason: the language acknowledges this.


so cute some duolingo sentenses dont make sense


The ant = a particular ant? And we intuit its preference for Spring as it goes about its daily chores...?

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