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I moved and now my day XP counter resets at 9PM.

Hi everyone,

I moved from one country to another - and I cannot find a setting where I can change my location so that duolingo's midnight lines up with my midnight. How exactly can I do this?

Thank you!

January 9, 2015



At your profile notifications you can change the time of the daily reminder. But you unfortunately cannot change your first time zone. Look here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Streak


Thank you! That seems like a massive overlook on the part of the developers, though.


They must be aware of it, given how regularly it is discussed on the forum, but I suppose fixing the problem isn't a priority (though it's annoying for people like me who regularly shift 8 hours!)


There does appear to be a way to fix the timezone. I can't say that all of these are required but... 1. Make sure you have the right timezone/location set on your google account 2. Make sure your google account is linked to your duolingo account 3. Using the Android app, log in via Google

All of those things are true for me and logging in via the android app using my google account set midnight correctly again.


Interesting - has anyone else confirmed that this works?


Curiously enough Duolingo only started using GMT+10 midnight for me around the start of this year. Before it was always using GMT+0 as the midnight point.

This was particularly frustrating because I lost my streak due to the change as I unexpectedly had only a 14 hour day.


it most probably was due to you using a phone app in a different timezone.

which seems to be the only you can change it presently.


It seems that using the Android app will reset your timezone to the one you are in when the app is used.

Several People have reported that as working for them (or unfortunately changing it when they've been on a trip and can't get it to switch back on the website)

I wish they would either: 1 let you set the timezone yourself in settings or 2 maybe just make the clock count 24 hrs from the last time you did a lesson.l

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