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  5. "¿Están ustedes comiendo?"

"¿Están ustedes comiendo?"

Translation:Are you all eating?

January 9, 2015



I love that it excepts "are y'all eating? "


I like that you had the balls to even try it! Or maybe you mistakingly used it and to your surprise, it accepted it?


I don't like that you typed except instead of accept.


So verbs can be split ?


Yes, I started a discussion topic on this and apparently the verbs can be split: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11590244$comment_id=11591502


So far I've read conflicting posts on whether verbs can be split, so I'm playing it safe and only tacking on the non-split verbs at the end :)


everyone is talking about splitting verbs, what does it mean to split verbs?


There are several verb tenses that require a helper verb to convey the intended meaning (aka compound tenses). For example: I am eating, I have eaten, I had eaten (estoy comiendo, he comido, había comido).

In Spanish, the general rule is that you cannot separate (or split) those two verbs with another word such as a pronoun. This sentence (Están ustedes comiendo) is an example of an exception to the rule (ustedes comes between, or splits, the two verbs Están and comiendo).

I think that for most of us trying to learn the language, it would be best to stick with the rule and not split the verbs, for example: ¿Ustedes están comiendo? or ¿Están comiendo ustedes?


"Ustedes" does not really mean "you all". It just means "you", plural, formal. If you had a group of five people, and three of them were eating, you could say "Ustedes están comiendo", even though two are not eating. DL should stop pretending that "ustedes" translates to "you all".


If three of five were eating, the singular form "y'all" should be used. If all five were eating, the plural form "all y'all" should be used. Both are translated the same in Spanish. See rabidlemur's comment above.


i never learned that it was okay to split the present progressive verbs.


does it look like it?


¿todos estan comiendo?

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