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Page rendering issue with Chrome on Android tablet

I noticed an issue several months ago, but didn't think much about it until more recently as I've been using the Android app on my tablet. It has become a bit of an issue since I'd like to access vocabulary, discussions and so forth on the tablet's browser. When using Chrome on my tablet (Google Nexus 10), the home page (when signed in) does not render except for the header, footer and the support tab on the left. The skill tree, the day's progress, links to lessons, etc. are all hidden. I've noticed that the skill tree does render fine when I view my user profile, just not on the main page. Here's link to a screenshot of what I'm describing in case that it's helpful: http://i.imgur.com/QnqtOA3.jpg

All other pages seem to render fine, even Immersion which actually surprised me a little haha. For now I'm working around the issue by using Firefox (installed it just for this).

July 26, 2013



We're on this bug! The team is aware and working on fixing it :) Thanks for reporting.


Any update? This is still broken two months on.


Hi Pinkodoug. Thanks for the follow up. This is in our queue. I've made sure it's prioritized. Will update you soon when it's fixed. Appreciate your patience :)


On a somewhat related note, this is what Duolingo's notification emails look like in the latest Gmail app for Android: http://imgur.com/dEtcMua

They looked fine until the Gmail app got updated a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't bother me too much as the buttons still work, but I thought you might want to know about this.

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