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Intimidatingly long sentences

Does anyone feel like most of the sentences available to translate are extremely long and often run-ons? It must be intimidating to beginner and intermediate learners. I wonder if there's a way to pick easier articles or maybe sort the articles by average sentence length so they don't look so scary.

May 5, 2012



Thanks. I didn't realize long sentences were so common in Spanish. It still must be a huge challenge for most users though to translate such long sentences. I wonder if there's any way to break them up and translate pieces at a time.


Breaking up the sentences would be quite hard to do automatically in a meaningful manner. But your suggestion to expose beginners to shorter sentences makes a lot of sense. AFAIK when I started with duolinguo 'my' sentences were considerably shorter than what is presented to me now. Maybe it is already implemented?


Yeah - it might already be doing that. I'd like the option to get shorter sentences for myself also even though I am able to work through the long ones, just because starting on a long one is a big commitment sometimes and disheartening if I end up not being able to do it justice, or if it compares my correct translation to DuoBot's sub-par one and says I got it wrong.


Haven't seen this prob. Usually there's several sentences ranging in length from one line to several.


Not scary, just annoying and very demotivating. I gave up my streak of over 100 days and am back to 0, skipping 3 days in a row. Not only are the sentences unnaturally long but so are the exercises and run-on long page of crowns to complete.

Also, am noticing a lot of errors in English "solutions" lately. Also demotivating when it keeps happening.

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