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  5. "De boer heeft geen paard."

"De boer heeft geen paard."

Translation:The farmer does not have a horse.

January 9, 2015



Is this different than "The farmer has no horses" ?


Paard is singular. The plural would be

De boer heeft geen paarden.


Sorry, my question wasn't very clear. In english, you wouldn't commonly say "The farmer has no horse". You make "horses" plural just to be grammatically correct.

So in Dutch, is there a difference in meaning between "geen paard" and "geen paarden" ?


Ahhh, on that bike! (Dutch lingo, thought you might like it :D)

Simply put, geen paarden means that the farmer has no horses at all. Geen paard is used when referring to a single/specific horse. Eg.

Heb jij een paard dat ik kan lenen?

Do you have a horse I can borrow?

Nee, ik heb geen paard, sorry!

No, I don't have a horse. Sorry!


So you'd say Ahhh, op die fiets! when you realize what someone meant? :D Geweldig!


Thanks! That's clearer


I would make the argument that has no horses is contextually identical in meaning as does not have a horse, except for the pedantic not have a horse = * has more than one horse*.


maybe he's one of those urban farmers the police are always keen on visiting;-)

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