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"Min kat har vundet en flaske vin."

Translation:My cat has won a bottle of wine.

January 9, 2015



How would you say "wine bottle"?


I don't see any "of" here.


They don't use "of" sometimes. Like a bottle of wine is "en flaske vin", and a cup of coffee is "en kop koffe."


It's between "bottle" and "wine" ;-)

In all seriousness: Try to translate a sentence not by translating word by word but by expressing the same meaning as closely as possible in the other language. That will make your translations sound much more "natural".


Why can't the answer be "my cat won ..." rather than "my cat has won ..."?


The audio is bad. It is wrong to say as DUO does.. Min kat har vundet en flaske vin. The intonation is wrong. The stress should be on the word ... vin, not on the word .. flaske.

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