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A bit confused with the CI pronoun

Hello everyone.

I've recently found out that there is another use for the "ci" pronoun and I'm having serious troubles to understand its meaning.

I have no problem with the "us" meaning, like in the following sentece: Lei CI porta allo zoo -> She brings US to the zoo

However, I was reading a book where I found things like (I'm copying the whole paragraph in order to avoid contextualisation problems):

"Anch'io da ragazza andavo a passeggiare fino al lavatoio del paese. Da piccolina CI accompagnavo mia madre a lavare i panni. A volte, andavo con lei in montagna a raccogliere la legna secca per il fuoco."

I don't think this "ci" can be translated as "us"... Any clue about this?

Thank you very much!

July 26, 2013



In this case it means there (al lavatoio).


Perfect, thank you!


coriolano77 is correct.

You have probably already seen this without really thinking about it with the phrases "ci sono" (THERE are) and c'è (THERE is).

You can get some more detailed information here: http://www.uvm.edu/~cmazzoni/3grammatica/grammatica/ciene.html

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