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  5. "It is a long absence."

"It is a long absence."

Translation:É uma longa ausência.

July 26, 2013



longo generally comes before the noun or is it the usual case where it's much more emphasized in front of the verb? How would 'é uma ausência longa' sound?


é uma longa ausência is also understandable, but preferable using the adjective before the noun. anyway, there is no problem mixing them. but we'd say "é uma ausência tão longa"


Wow, I had another sentence where it didn't accept it as an answer. And above it's the right translation. I didn't even realize, sorry.


the position of adjectives is tricky even for linguistics =/ this mistake is little, dont worry about that. there are many other mistakes that may hurt our ears (like "mais grande" -maior-, "eu ponhei" -eu pus-among others...) ;)


What about "É uma ausência comprida" ?


Comprido/a is not usually used with abstrat things. Longo sounds more natural.

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