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  5. "Hun er en uafhængig kvinde."

"Hun er en uafhængig kvinde."

Translation:She is an independent woman.

January 9, 2015



who don't need no man.


I get it Duo...basically I'm never going to be able to spell any of these adjectives because they all just look like my cat walked over my keyboard.


i was thinking the same thing. i have a hard enough time spelling in english, and thought irish and french were tricky, but danish takes spelling to a whole new level of the ingenuity of humans and language!


And to speak some of these words takes a dentist and novocaine.


hun er en uafhægig sorte kvinde hven ikke behøve nej mand.


Dat word still amazes me


Throw your hands up at me


How do you say to depend on sth in Danish? Is uafhængig a regularly formed adjective or some kind of a calque, because the extent of similarity to German unabhängig is striking.


'To depend (on sth/so.)' is 'at afhænge af ngt/ngn.'. 'Dependent' is 'afhængig', and the opposite gets the prefix u-. The striking similarity to the German word stirs from the fact that they have the same word root. :D


Thanks. I knew they had the same root but when I aksed this question this word seemed to me kind of funny (to be honest it still does, it's probably my favourite Danish word :D) and random. But now I've come across a lot of similar patterns so I can usually recognise and understand such words seeing much more sense in their structure.


Phew! Try pronouncing that! This is a tongue twister! :O


Hvem behøver ikke en mand

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