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"Éisteann innealtóirí leis a gceannasaithe."

Translation:Engineers listen to their bosses.

January 9, 2015



I had difficulties with this one. First, I put "an engineer" instead of "engineers"-- my mistake, didn't notice that it was plural-- and second, I put, "-with her bosses" instead of "-to their bosses". What is the difference here? What would "-with her bosses" translate to?


In Irish, you listen 'with' someone instead of 'to' them.


Gotcha. So, when typing it in English, it's "to" not "with", even though in Irish, the actual word used translates as "with".


Le can translate into English as either “with”, “to”, “for”, “by”, “at”, or “against”, depending upon context. In English, “listen to” would be a more accurate translation for éist le than “listen with” would be. “To her bosses” in this sentence would be lena ceannasaithe — and “to their bosses” in this sentence should have been lena gceannasaithe.


Go raibh maith agat.


Also, the reason it is "to their bosses" rather than "to her bosses" is the fact that there is eclipsis. "A" can mean his, her, or their but you can differentiate these options based on the behavior of the initial consonant of the following word. "A" causes lenition in the sense of his, no consonant alteration in the sense of her, and ecclipsis in the sense of their.


So how would you say something like "I listen to music with him" if listen to and listen with are both using the le?


Éistim le ceol leis

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