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Duolingo Swedish available for iOS

I woke up this morning to a nice surprise. Looks like I can do Swedish now from my iPhone! App Store


January 9, 2015



Finally... I don't have a computer so I opened the website on my phone everyday to practice Swedish, and it was really hard and frustrating.


It's a happy news) Thank you guys)


That's nice, but there's still no discussions in the iOS app :(


They need to add discussions, the "discuss this sentence" feature, the new progress bar for lessons, and the tips & notes for lessons (I don't see how mobile-only users can do Romance languages without this).


So happy to be able to take Swedish at last! Thanks to the DuoLingo team!


Swedish in bed on lazy days! YES!!!!!


Hooray! And if you go to "Change [language]" (above the progress graph) you'll see all your languages currently supported on iOS. The cool part about that? It gives your language-specific XP, which not everyone has available on the website. Of course, the day streak is the same for all/both languages, so some wrinkles there. But hey, language-specific XP!


Squeeing and freaking out!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG.

Jag hoppar, jag älskar det! :)


Yippee! Thanks for the heads up!

[deactivated user]

    Huzzah! ... Men det är fortfarande använder hjärtan istället för styrkan fältet. :(


    Sooo glad I can take Swedish now! Thanks, tack, DuoLingo!!! Thanks for putting it on the app so quickly too!


    Ya, so awesome that this is available now. Though there's a couple small things I don't like

    • It uses the "hearts" system. I'm on the non-heart system and I have to say I much prefer it.
    • As far as I can tell, there is no way to "report a problem". The courses are really good, but I usually have something to report every other time or so.


    Sooooo happy about this!!! I've been waiting for what feels like months for it to be on the app!


    Awesome! Although I'm not taking Swedish, this seems like a great improvement to the app. :D


    This is fantastic! Does this mean it's not in beta anymore? And — when do we get corrected TTS?

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