"The jacket."

Translation:An seaicéad.

3 years ago



why isn't "An chasóg" accepted?

1 year ago


Im confused about when to use "an" versus "na" they both seem to mean "the" but when i type one, its always the other.

3 years ago

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Without over-complicating it (because you are still a beginner), "an" is used for singular nouns, and "na" is used for plural nouns.

  • An buachaill -> The boy
  • Na buachaillí -> The boys

The rules change when you get to the genitive case, but no need to worry about that until you get there ;)

3 years ago


I'm hopeless for remembering the correct spelling of this word. The -eai- triphthong seems superfluous to my untrained ear. Is it actually unique to an Irish speaker?

11 months ago


Strictly speaking, it's not a triphthong - the "i" isn't pronounced, it's just there to balance the é on the other side of the consonant. The é is clearly pronounced.

It's an example of the leathan le leathan, caol le caol rule that is fundamental for Irish spelling.

11 months ago
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