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  5. "The jacket."

"The jacket."

Translation:An seaicéad.

January 9, 2015



I'm hopeless for remembering the correct spelling of this word. The -eai- triphthong seems superfluous to my untrained ear. Is it actually unique to an Irish speaker?


Strictly speaking, it's not a triphthong - the "i" isn't pronounced, it's just there to balance the é on the other side of the consonant. The é is clearly pronounced.

It's an example of the leathan le leathan, caol le caol rule that is fundamental for Irish spelling.


why isn't "An chasóg" accepted?


Im confused about when to use "an" versus "na" they both seem to mean "the" but when i type one, its always the other.


Without over-complicating it (because you are still a beginner), "an" is used for singular nouns, and "na" is used for plural nouns.

  • An buachaill -> The boy
  • Na buachaillí -> The boys

The rules change when you get to the genitive case, but no need to worry about that until you get there ;)

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