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  5. "Den lå der!"

"Den der!"

Translation:It was right there!

January 9, 2015



Why den and not det?


I think it's just because it can. If this were in context, and the person that you were talking to just said something like, "Set du min hund?", I'd imagine you might use "den" instead of "det" in "den lå der!". (Professional confirmation requested)


Except that "Set" should be "Så", your idea makes sense to me. (I'm no native speaker though.)


The hover help gives 'lay' as a translation for lå. I choose 'sat' from the list. Why is 'It sat there!' wrong?


Those are just computer-generated suggestions but they aren't always correct answers.
This sentence literally is "It lay there!", with being the past form of at ligge - to lie. "To sit" has an own, different word: at sidde whose past form is sad, so "It sat there!" would rather be translated as "Den sad der!"


Why doesn't it accept "it laid there?


I think it should accept it, because most people don't know better, but "laid" is not the proper past tense of "to lie". It goes:

  • lie - lay - have lain
  • lay - laid - have laid


i know this is technically right but man this is confusing


"Den var lige der" is the phrase I've heard more commonly.


That is an entirely different expression. Remember that lige means "like", as in "similar to". "Den var lige der" would mean "It was just like (how it was) there."

If you wanted to aim for a Perfect construction à la "That has lain there", which sounds a lot better in Danish, it would be "Den har ligget der."


Also it was left there.

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