Translation:The man does not eat fish.

4 years ago



please tell me someone else heard 'manden spiser aeg og fisk'

4 years ago


I've had the same problem a few times now! :c

3 years ago

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Hello! Is there a difference where you put "ikke" in sentence? Does it have to be placed after verb or it can be put before verb (or any other place in sentece) for example "Manden ikke spiser fisk."?

4 years ago


no if you translate that into english then its "the man not eats fish" if its directly translated and im a dane so the "ikke" needs to be after "spiser" in that paticual sentence

1 year ago


I am not an expert but I think you can't do that. In your example sentence you had word "ikke" in the second place. The predicate needs to be the second word. And the subject needs to be hand in hand with the predicate - before or after it. This is how it works in Swedish and German so I think it's just the same in Danish too.

4 years ago
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