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"Jeg kender ikke navnene agenterne som du taler om."

Translation:I do not know the names of the agents that you are speaking about.

January 9, 2015



Why is it 'på agenterne' and not 'af agenterne'?


I wrote "I do not know the names of the agents OF which you speak", which is a normal way of saying such a sentence in English. Marked wrong and reported.

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Finally a sentence I really have a use for.


The names, give me the names!

Haha duolingo is preparing us for truly all kinds of situations


i wrote ''whoM'' you are talking about. because the agents are the object of the talking. but DL corrected it into 'who'. ??


I think I might say "I don't know the names of the agents you're talking about"


Sure thing, Mr Dnob.


Would this make more sense as, "Jeg ved ikke navene på...". "Jeg kender ikke navene...." sounds like the agents have foreign names and I'm not familiar with.


The tips for this section have something completely back to front. They say that 'der' can only be used for 'objects' when they mean 'subjects'. One of their examples shows der being used as subject, e.g. Something like Alle der er atten år eller ældre har.... This really needs to be changed as it is the opposite of the truth.

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