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"Kokken betaler for sin mad med en check."

Translation:The chef pays for his food with a check.

January 9, 2015



If "check"s are still accepted, then "cheque"s should be, too. ;-)


Quite right.


Is it really spelled check too? That doesn't look right at all


It's the American spelling.


Would this sentence be the same in Danish if it was about "her" food?


As long as the chef is a female, and it is her own food, then definitely. I have added it now


A check? In 2015? I don't want to waste braincells on a word like that.


I know a man who owed £300 to a friend. The friend died, so to be fair, the man wrote a cheque for £300 and placed it in the grave.


Great story. E se non è vera, è ben trovata.


Ha anyone actually seen a check in real life? People say it like it's a real thing.


Have you really never seen a cheque? I still have my old cheque book, although I don't use it anymore since credit cards came into being.


No and I don't know anyone who has. I have cash and cards (obviously with a chip, not the American nonsense relying on signatures).


Of course cheques still exist and are being used for various things in business. The reason is that a cheque has certain legal ramifications that any other form of delayed payment has not. Simply put: If you have to go to court over a non-payment, all proceedings deal only with the document itself. If the cheque has no formal errors, and the signature was not made under duress, the entity that issued the cheque has to pay, regardless if there are any tangible reasons for not making the payment, like faulty goods in a business transaction.

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