"Vi springer tjugofem meter."

Translation:We are running twenty-five meters.

January 9, 2015

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Are your numbers always compound nouns? For example, in english, twentyfive looks odd to me, but twenty-five or twenty five is okay. Are both tjugofem and tjugo fem proper ways of spelling numbers, or is the latter wrong?


The latter is wrong. But it varies with the number: 25 is always tjugofem, but 1,500 000 is en miljon femhundratusen. The recommendation is to write all numbers below a million together.


Is it in Swedish just like in German where words expressing numbers below 1 000 000 are numerals (so they are joined), but the words 1 000 000; 1 000 000 000 etc. are nouns (so they must be apart from numerals)?


I hadn't thought about it, but that's probably the reason. en miljon is a noun but tusen is not.


So how would one say 'one million, five hundred and sixty-four thousand, two hundred and twenty-three?'


"En miljon femhundrasextiofyratusentvåhundratjugotre". Note that "sextio" is most often pronounced "sexti" and "tjugotre" as "tjutre". The latter contraction ("tjutre") is maybe seen as a bit more casual than the former ("sexti"). "Tjugo" alone is often pronounced "tjugi" or "tjuge".
Also, this is of course only how you would say it. You would write it out with numbers, just like in English, because that "femhundra..." compound is quite cumbersome in script.


i was living in Lindesberg and everyone there said 20 like shugi en for example 21 would be shuett 22 shutvå etc :) actually it is easier


Yeah, tjugo is usually pronounced tjugi or tjuge depending on dialect, and in compounds it’s usually just tju- as you said.


the even wasnt bothered to say tju but just a really short shu, when i asked once why the hell are you doing this with a lot of words he replied its faster, its like you can say more information in the same period of time lol :D but i personally believe that every language is beautiful and by doing that you lose something.


Yeah, when I write tju I mean the same thing as shu but with Swedish spelling. I think most Finland-Swedish speakers say the full tjugo in compounds.


I came to this discussion precisely to find out why compounds are sometimes pronounced "tju-" instead of "tjugo-". I love Laleh and, in Aldrig Bli Som Förr, she says "tjugotvå, tjugotre, tjugosex" as "tjutvå, tjutre, tjusex" and I was wondering if I was missing some hidden syllable. Tack så mycket!


My girlfriend comes from a suburb south of Stockholm, and they pronounce it like this also.


I worked in Gamla stan and I have always heard "shugi"


I'm glad Sweden uses the metric system! The Imperial system will never make sense to me.


Well, Sweden is in Europe after all.


So 35 would be trettiofem, a clean combo of the two words.? Likewise for all xxxtio numbers?


Why is meters written as "meter" and not something like "meterna" ?


just the way it is I suppose. Same with ''ägg'' as well


Then you would have to put it "Vi springer de tjugofem meterna" which would correspond to "We run the twenty five meters".
If you would write "Vi springer tjugofem meterna" it would be like writing "We run twenty five the meters". That would make no sense.


Follow up question, is metre an ett word? I know it's not often you talk about "the metre", but would it be "metret"


No, it's en meter - metern. Note the spelling as well: meter rather than metre.


You should accept the standard abbreviation of "m" for "metres".


I agree, when translating into English the short form should be accepted. Added it now.

I should note as well that there's a slight risk I'll have to remove it again later, since Duolingo isn't known for accepting single-letter words perfectly. Here's hoping that won't happen.


I like learning numbers in Swedish don't get me wrong but two numbers combined together that I don't like it makes it annoying and hard but I guess learning language's is hard but I still don't like it ☹☹


Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I've lost so many hearts with this speaking exercise :( My tjugo~ words seem to be a problem in other sentences too, but can you actually mispronounce "meter"?


How is it incorrect to use 25 instead of twenty-five when translating from Swedish to English? Numbers are commonly written as digits in text when over 10 in English.

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