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Love the New strength metering rating

I think it's great to see previously mastered modules notify me that I have not used some words lately that I have learned in the past.

This really helps keep vocabulary strong. Good Work Duolingo!!!!!

July 26, 2013


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I don't have this functionality yet, but hopefully all users will have it soon.


I looked at your profile, and it appears you do. The trophy icon in the top right corner of a skill shows that you have mastered it. If the skill's icon is not gold, then it means that they are not at full strength. Strength is indicated by the four-section gold bars.


@XytherNZ. The four-section gold bars ability to decrees the number of bars set to gold is the part I'm referencing, and I think you as well. Honestly, I suppose if one stays active enough, they will not see these bars decrease a lot. Generally, it's in particular areas that I've seen mine. Clothing for example.

It's a good feature to help me quickly identify where I MIGHT be weakening (according to Duolingo).


Yes it helps !!

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