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"Hoe ziet het landschap van China eruit?"

Translation:What does the landscape of China look like?

January 9, 2015



I am totally confused with the "Hoe ziet .... eruit" translating to "What does ... look like?"

To me, there is no correlation with the English translation. What would the literal translation of the Dutch be? "How does it see out of there"?? I have no idea...

I'm just totally confused. Is it simply a Dutch idiom?


Yes, it's an idiom. What could be replaced by how, but the rest is fixed. Literally "Hoe ziet het eruit?" means "How does it look out of it?", but forget that. Nobody sees it like that. :)

TL;DR Eruit zien is an idiom :)


What's wrong with "How does the landscape of China look like"?


Doesn't make sense in English. You can say 'how does something look,' or 'what does something look like.'


It looks like a chicken :D


Is there any problem with: What does the Chinese landscape look like?


I would argue that it's fine, but it is rejected. I'll report it now and see what happens.


It's a different sentence and would be: Hoe ziet het Chinese landschap eruit?

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