O tempo

"O tempo" is currently incorrectly labeled as wrong when it is translated to "The weather".

5 years ago


Hmmm, I would say this is a tricky one. Surely "tempo" can also mean "weather" but since the lesson is on "Dates and Time", a more appropriate translation is "The time". Context plays a role, no?

5 years ago
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Did you report this problem under "report a problem" in the lesson?

Tempo means both. So if it makes sense in the sentence, both should be accepted in the answer.

The context of the lesson theme cannot always be trusted to inform the answer. Let's use the example of the phrase Não é justo... the preferred translation that shows up when you get it right or wrong is "it is not fair". That is a totally correct and a super answer; although considering the lesson's theme (Sizes and Measurements), you would think that the alternative translation should be the one displayed in all that green glory, or the preferred one: it is not tight.

In short, they should probably accept both, yes. (", )

5 years ago
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