"The captain wears boots."

Translation:O capitão usa botas.

July 26, 2013

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Hey, here in Brazil (I am Brazilian) we doesn't say "botas". We say "bótas" like be an acent, but doesn't have. Understand? If somebody need help in Portuguese, can ask to me.


Is it incorrect to say "O capitão veste as botas"? I never know when the definite article is inappropriate.


when something is general, in Portuguese the definite article is many times omitted.

In this case, the man wears boots, in general, not specific ones.

"O capitão veste as botas" sounds specific boots or "a specific time": "o capitão veste as botas e inicia sua longa viagem rumo ao novo horizonte" (in this quote it was a single action, not part of a routine).

Ela usa botas quando sai à noite. (every time she goes out at night she wears boots).

To sound more natural: For shoes, usar is more frequently used and shows a routine. Vestir is used at the moment the person is putting on the shoes. (o que ela está fazendo agora? - ela está vestindo/pondo as botas", not "usando".

Vestir/usar is related to clothing (o que você vai vestir para a festa?)


Here in Brazil it is not common to say "O capitão veste as botas".. the word "Veste" is used when talking about clothes..


Well, what do you normally say? I'd be interested in knowing the different verb used :)


Thanks! So sounds better " ..bota as botas"


Why not bota botas? Does this mean wear boots or put on boots?


Is there a female version of Captain?


Yes, for example

She is the captain (Ela é a capitã.)


Can you say bota botas?


Yes, because the lastone "botas" is for the shoe "botas", and the other for the verb, excuse me my bad English.

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