"Tidningar och brev"

Translation:Newspapers and letters

January 9, 2015

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I think i recall brev being for both letter and letters (ie, singular and plural)


Yes, neuter words that end in a consonant stay the same in the plural.


True, however in singular it would be "ett brev" here.


Thanks, that one trip me up.


Ah thank you that opens it up for me. Obvious but still, thank you very much.


The translation can be both: 1) "Newspapers and letters" & 2) "Newspapers and letter" I used the second option and duolingo said it was wrong. I disagree.


We don't use the singular without an article like that. It would be odd to say newspapers and letter in English too, you'd say newspapers and a letter.


His brother had always bested him at everything. He had this ease to make friends. He didn't need to try to get good grades either. Deep in John's heart, he knew even Mom admired him more. Saw more in his future. Worse of all, he was the better baseball player. John was older, stronger ! He had practiced pitching long before his brother could even hold his own spoon when eating ! John had been the favourite of the Junior's League, right from his start. And then Tom came along, with his small physique and broad smile.

Forty years later, and all that was left of Tom was this damned letter. John hadn't opened it, but knew its contents. His brother never understood failure. He had conquered the world, had been the youngest baseball player in history, turned games around. Money had come with the success too. And Laura... "Enough" echoed in John's attic. It had come out of his throat before he realised it. His hands shaking, he packed the last letter with the rest of the newspaper clippings. John climbed downstairs, fetched some wood from the shed.

John burned all that he had left of his brother. Newspapers and letter. The weight was turning to ashes now.

[ok I was bored and that image came to my mind, so I had to share. I've got to agree with Marcio3469 here, it's ambiguous but not incorrect. It certainly isn't worth being penalised for. Just like "The moose" how are we to guess it is singular or plural Duolingo ?]


It would still have to be brevet in Swedish even in this context (you'd have to translate the sentence as Tidningarna och brevet). Also, this is not a game of stretching things as far as possible. If something requires an unlikely context to work, it shouldn't be accepted.


Fair enough. I can accept that Swedish works that way, and believe you. The text was just for fun, really. No offence meant... Besides, English is a very lax language when it comes to bringing your own stone to the pile. Most languages have tighter frames.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no – we're probably going to have to remove this sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5745394 soon because it doesn't seem acceptable to the native English-speaking ear… 
I think the most special thing about English is all the regional variation, which certainly creates a mess for us sometimes.

I think the construction you're mentioning is a special one, I'm sure it's been described somewhere but I don't have a name for it… like you can say fish hook and line, there will be cases where you can do the same in Swedish, but in a fragment like this one, we will assume that brev is plural.


I would read that novel and I don't even like baseball.


I'm not a expert but ..the phrase you bolded doesn't seem like a full complete sentence but should have been compiled with previous with a ; : or ,


This is fantastic.


That would have to be "The (newspaper) clippings and the letter".


You have a great imagination


Thanks for the clarification.


Thanks that's helpful


I had the same problem


I found it difficult to distingish between tidningar and tidning har. I guess it's something you have to get used to with context?


Normally sentences on duolingo make at least nominal sense, ie the bear might be drinking beer, but "Newspaper has and letters" is probably not going to be a sentence :-)


True! But in actual conversation...ouch :(


Why can "brev" mean letter or letters?


It will not accept my spoken recording. I'm on my 5th try! Och seems to change how it is said sentence to sentence, and brev in the recording sounds a bit diff sentence to sentence.


It feels like "brev" is a word determined if its singular or plural by context. Does this sound correct?


Why is the plural of letter/brev NOT brevar

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