"Citronen är gul."

Translation:The lemon is yellow.

January 9, 2015

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I forgot, do you use gul for en-words, gult for ett words en gula for plural? En --> gul Ett --> gult Plural --> gula



I was sure somehow now that citron is an ett-word =\


The translation is The lemon is yellow. When there's the article the in front of singular words you can easily tell if its en or ett word by looking at the ending, -en or -et


So "Citronen är gul" means that "The lemon is yellow", but if you wanted to say "The yellow lemon", then we need the -a suffix for the adjective? "Den gula citronen".?


I've heard the pronunciation of #gul# as /gjuːɾə/, does it be right or am I wondering?


You’ve probably misheard it. The /g/ might be a bit palatal in front of front vowels, but there’s not an inserted /j/. The vowel /ʉ̟ː/ is never [uː] either and /l/ is never [ɾ]. It’s possible that speakers add a small schwa afterwards, especially in certain areas.


Why can't we write "De citronen är gul?" What would that mean in English?


I have a problem with plural and let's call them 'the' words. I just never see the difference between them. I never know if it's plural or I just have to use 'the'.


If there is an r at the end, it's plural. If there is an n at the end, it's definite.


This is a good rule. Just remember that it doesn't always work. For example ett foto (photo) is ett foto, fotot, foton, fotona. I think it would really helpbif Duolingo showed the groupings of both verb and noun conjugations. Apart from irregular verbs ndbthe like, they are pretty standard


I keep making the same mistake. I know why I'm making it, but its frustrating. I spent so long learning German that 'en' at the end of a word just looks like its the plural. And 'är' looks and sounds like 'are' so I keep translating "the x is y" as "X's are y" and EVERY TIME I do it I facepalm at my own stupidity.


Its a bit difficult for me as a german to grasp the en suffix sice in german it is used for plurals

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