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  5. "Quanti ne abbiamo?"

"Quanti ne abbiamo?"

Translation:How many do we have of them?

July 26, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Does anyone else hear "Net" when playing it slowly?


    Yes! Or possibly "ned".


    That's what I heard, so it's what I typed. It was accepted as a typo.


    now i am confused


    I heard "gnet"; but then I thought, "I wonder if she is trying to say "ne" ", and got it right.


    Something similar ! I heard "ned", but I suppose some licence should be conceded as it is free. I'm sure those taking the English course are probably saying the same about that audio.


    Yes, this needs to be re-recorded.


    Yes--hmm, confusing!


    Shouldn't this be accepted: "How much of it do we have?"


    No. "Quanti" is plural.


    I still think that "how many do we have of it?" is a correct translation -- when asking, we do not yet know the number. I think it is even correct to say in Eglinsh that "we have five of it", so the "it" does not have to be inplural because we have more than one. Native speakers please feel free to confirm or correct :-)


    About "ne" I found this information helpful from:


    In Italian, the pronoun ne can mean "about," "any," "some," "of it," "of them," from it," from them," or "from there." It can also replace a prepositional phrase beginning with da or di. Here are a few examples:

    Parliamo di Mario. (We talk about Mario.) Ne parliamo. (We talk about him.) Hai bisogno di due francobolli. (You need two stamps.) Ne hai bisogno di tre. (You need three of them.) Avete molti amici. (You have many friends.) Ne avete molti. (You have many of them.) Ho due fratelli. (I have two brothers.) Ne ho due. (I have two of them.)


    So "ne" functions like "en" in French, then?


    This link does not seam to work any more. However using the first part of your link i got directed to a different site and found this page https://www.thoughtco.com/using-ne-in-italian-4074179


    It's a great link, thank you very much, Andrew!


    thmarchi- So it sounds like ne refers back to a previous sentence, so you have to look at the context. Am I understanding this correctly?


    Mariaelena-yes, I believe so.


    k thanks germanlehrerlsu


    good information! Thank you


    thanks a lot very helpful


    How many of IT do we have - is possible if we're talking about only one thing. How many of THEM certainly is possible, maybe even preferable, but the singular also sounds right. I totally agree with others who feel this way.


    "Quanti n'abbiamo" is wrong I guess ... so we can't contract the "ne", even when it precedes another vowel?


    Why is "How much of them do we have" considered incorrect?


    i said "how many of them have we?" since it was in the present tense, but i was marked wrong and it said i should have said "how many of them have we got?" but thats then using the past tense, which we still havent done yet...i dont see anything wrong with my answer? infact i think its a better translation than their one


    Your sentence "how many of them have we?" is wrong. You either use "to have" as an ordinary verb (do we have?), or use "to have got" as a complex verb (have we got?). Although the latter might seem like present perfect tense, it is in fact present simple tense. The correct translation in each variety of English is:

    • How many of them do we have? (common American English)
    • How many of them have we got? (common British English)


    sharkbbb: Very clear explanation. Spot on.


    "How much do we have of it?" Was not accepted, but I can't figure out why. Can anyone help? Thanks!


    I think because "quanti" is plural, you have to use " how many of them" "quanto ne abbiamo" would then be: "how much do we have of it."


    Thanks makes sense! Thanks.


    The first 'starter' word is always obscure, poorly or not pronounced


    how many of it do we have? is one the correct version with "ne" but DL rejected it... fools


    PeterDottore: we say it, but I think by right you should use the plural 'them' since 'many' implies more than one, as does "ne" -- even if they're all the same.


    PeterDottore: We say it using a singular, because we're referring to a number of similar items, but by right I believe you should still use a plural "them" since 'many' like 'ne' refers to a plural, even when all of the items are the same.


    Germanlehrerlsu: PeterDottore is right. There are instances where his version is used. i.e. A salesman selling a particular type of pen to a customer, would say, "How many of it would you like?" In other words - "How many of a particular object would you like?". Here, it would be quite wrong to say "How much….?"


    Why not: "How much do we have of it?"


    Why "how many of them" and not "how much of it"?


    Because "quanti" is a plural.....


    Or... "How many OF THEM do we have" if you're reading from left to right... Italian seems to sometimes sort of start left, jump all the way right, then go back and read what's in the middle...


    "How many of them do we have?" Is perfectly correct and it is the way this sentence would be said by a native speaker in the USA. If we heard someone say "how many do we have of them," we would know that that person was not a native English speaker. It is not pragmatically correct. Pragmatics must be considered with tranlations (interpretations)


    How many of them do we have sounds better in English.


    Could we have said "Quanti vi abbiamo?" instead of "Quanti ne abbiamo"?

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