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  5. "O aluno faz uma pergunta."

"O aluno faz uma pergunta."

Translation:The student asks a question.

July 26, 2013



Why is not " the student makes a question" right?


Unfortunately, you can't actually "make" a question in English. You can ask a question or have a question. You can also question something or someone.


...Or raise a question. But it wasn't accepted. (Maybe this has a side-meaning 'to express doubts, bring in sight problems' or so. I have found something similar: 'levantar uma questão'.)


In English, we can form/develop/present/etc a question. As well as many other variations of "make". (a question) This is Duolingo showing a weak grasp of spoken English. Yet again. It also makes it more difficult for learners to learn how to speak Portuguese more natively when we need to decipher the weak American English presented by DL.


I said 'The student has a question' which was wrong. I think I see why. I guess the Portuguese of my answer would be O aluno tem uma pergunta.


Could 'pupil' be used in place of 'student'?


Estudante is student, the one who studies. Treated like a profession.

Aluno is used for school or university students, those participating in a course.

Pupilo is used for individual students under a single master. (Like Daniel San under master Myagi)


Obrigada! I actually came to the comments section here to ask specifically about the difference between aluno and estudante. Have a lingot!


I believe you should be able to say 'poses a question here.'


I said "The student has a question" and it was marked wrong? It's basically the same thing as "The students asks a question" right? Well I guess it's not exactly the same thing but now I have to restart because I hate losing hearts


i said the student asked a question and the answer was the student asks a question


asked would be fez


I think "asks" should be used since it is a sentence in Present Tense ;)


What is the difference between faz and pergunta?


faz is the verb, it means 'makes'; pergunta is the noun, meaning question. So in Pt they say 'make a question' instead of 'ask a question'


Thats what i wrote: 'makes a question' but it was marked wrong

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