Difference between "suyo" and "su/sus"?

What is the difference between the usage of these two words? I know that "suyo" means "yours" but it means "his/her/your/their" too just as "su/sus"?

So when do we these two words?

5 years ago


Suyo is a possessive pronoun. Su is a possessive adjective.

An adjective describes a noun, and a pronoun takes the place of a person.

Su casa es verde= His/her/your house is green.

La casa verde es suyo= The green house is his/hers/yours

A rule of thumb is mio/tuyo/suyo usually comes after the noun, while mi/tu/su usually comes before.

2 years ago

Great question, and explanations! Trying to do some homework on posesivos now and was completely stuck. Thanks to all!

3 weeks ago

You can get the whole story here:

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Yes, "suyo" means his, hers, yours (usted/ustedes), and theirs, just like "su/sus" does.

As a rule of thumb, if you are naming the object, you use the "su/sus" and if the object is not named, you use "suyo".

¿Es su abrigo? (Is this your coat?)

No, no es mío, es syuo. (No, it's not mine, it's his)

5 years ago

Nice question.. I was always confused with those!

1 year ago

This totally had me confused! thank you!

1 year ago
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