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  5. "Han ville ha en ny tv."

"Han ville ha en ny tv."

Translation:He wanted a new TV.

January 9, 2015



In spoken Swedish, would the difference between "han vill ha" and "han ville ha" be clearly heard, or would they sound very similar?


How do I know when to Put ha in front vill or ville


One way I think of it is vill means wants to. So, if you add ha it means wants to have.

Vill usually goes with verbs: Han vill äter myron (He wants to eat ants).

Vill ha usually goes with nouns: Han vill ha en ny klänning (He wants to have a new dress).

But in English, we usually just say "wants" instead of "wants to have". You need to mentally equate the "to have" part with the Swedish "ha" part.

Hope that makes sense! And please correct me if I'm wrong.


He wished to have a new tv


Vilja ha means "to want" (with a direct object). To say "to wish," you would use the verb önska.


That wouldn't be accepted.


Kan man också säga "Han ville en ny TV"? (Utan "ha")


No, that is very unnatural it would be equivalent to say "He wanted new TV"


Why is teve not accepted? (en ny teve)

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