"We are looking for more information."

Translation:Vi letar efter mer information.

January 10, 2015

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Is there any nuance in meaning between "vi letar efter" and "vi söker efter"?


Not really. Perhaps letar is a little bit more colloquial.


I thought 'söker efter' was more like 'searching for' and 'letar efter' was 'looking for' - e.g. If you were searching for something online using google or other search engine, I thought that would be 'söker efter' - am I wrong ?


what's the difference between mer and fler ? I wrote fler and it was market wrong.


fler is for countable nouns and mer is for mass nouns.


I used "söker" and was marked wrong because I didn't include "efter". Why is necessary here if it's not in "Jag söker nya vänner"? Or should I report it? Tack.


Do report it - it's a fine translation - but note that it sounds a little more formal. I'd opt for letar efter almost every time here. Perhaps that's why söker has been overlooked. :)


Tack! Varför är du inte moderator längre? Du är alltid här ...


Thanks. :)

Duolingo rolled out a new contributor agreement with which I do not quite agree, so I quit, and was inactive for some time. There's also been an increase in the amount of abuse contributors on this course get from members who do not agree with accepted translations - they're a minority but they do make me less keen on posting.

But I still enjoy helping out, so I still have email notifications turned on for hundreds of comment threads. :)

Also: congratulations on turning a thousand today! That's insanely good. :D


"Vi söker mer information " should absolutely be accepted!!

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