"I think I have to ask the king for advice."

Translation:Jag tror att jag måste fråga kungen om råd.

January 10, 2015

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Is there any difference in meaning between "jag måste fråga kungen" and "jag måste be kungen"?


If you use be, it sounds like you're asking for permission.


Thanks! But in an alternate translation provided (Jag tror att jag måste be kungen om råd), I'm asking for advice, not permission. Does it then have a more deferential tone?


I'm afraid you're misunderstanding each other here. You took out the part Jag måste fråga kungen and compared it to Jag måste be kungen, that is what Zmrzlina answered. But Jag måste be kungen om råd is a different sentence from Jag måste be kungen. Let's start over.

If we compare the sentences Jag måste be kungen om råd and Jag måste fråga kungen om råd, there isn't much difference between the two really. I'd say there may be some nuance in meaning, but it's so small one can probably ignore it.


I'm so sorry, that's my fault, I should have been more specific. "Jag måste be kungen om råd" and "Jag måste fråga kungen om råd" were both given as correct answers during one of the multiple choice questions concerning this sentence, and I shortened the phrases to try to isolate the verbs that were puzzling me. Ni är bra lärare - tack för era förklaringar!


I thought fråga was always asking a question whereas be is asking for a thing, in this case advice.


It seems that in the case with advice, it is so tied up with asking (as in asking questions) that fråga works too.


Ok, I'll try to remember that!


What's the difference between "jag tror att..." and "jag tycker att..." here?


Respectively: I believe something is so and In my opinion something is so. There's no English equivalent for att tycka but att tro means to believe.


But when the sentence in English is given as "I think...", why is "jag tycker" not accepted?


prepositions, conjunctions... i always have them wrong... till, på, i, om etc etc hopefully in a normal conversation people would understand if you don't say the right one


Can "Kungens råd" work here? "jag tror att jag måste fråga kungens råd" ?

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