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Movies in French?

Does anyone know where/how I could view movies in French? I have a few dvd's that I have been watching, but I want other movies/tv shows that I could watch, also. Thanks! :)

July 26, 2013



There is an awesome French TV show on British TV at the minute, Les Revenants. It is about people who come back from the dead to their families years later and they don't realise that they have been dead. They are not zombies and have seemingly come back exactly how they were before they died. It is quite creepy and also quite violent at times, so it isn't for everyone. But it is the best thing i've seen on tv all year.


Go to some video store and see their international section.. Good movies I recently watched: Les Choristes - about a group of naughty kids at a boarding/orphan school - very nice movie, Intouchables is very good and touching, The adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec is a good one - but its a bit weird in a funny way - more of a comedy thing..

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Micmacs, Priceless, A Very Long Engagement, Delicatessen, Le Samourai, Amélie - can't go wrong with these.


Amélie is the one with the weird girl right? - if so, that's a good movie :) lol


The Intouchables for SURE.


Got Netflix? It has a few.


thanks :) I'll check that out!


anything else?


cool...I'll see about these...what about children's movies?


The Day I Saw Your Heart very good is seems like its going to be a chick flick type then it flips on you.


I believe "Triplets of Belleville" ( "Les triplettes de Belleville" ) is a good french movie. Not much is said during this movie tho, but there are some french spoken and written.


Depending on what you like, I recently watched Adele Blanc-Sec, cheesy but good


I use filmfra.com, it has a lot of movies with french subtitles, good luck!

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