"Mannen tycker om kaffet."

Translation:The man likes the coffee.

January 10, 2015

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An important thing to remember with phrasal verbs - such as "tycka om" - is that the emphasis is ALWAYS on the second word.

Tycka OM = LIKE

TYCKA om = think (as in: have an opinion) about

This is the case with all phrasal verbs. If you put the emphasis on the first word instead, the meaning either becomes completely different, or it sounds nonsensical.

Also: note on the word "tycka" by itself. It does mean "think", but ONLY in the sense of having an opinion.

Tänka = to think, as in having a thought, thinking about something

Example: I think about him / Jag tänker på honom.

Tycka = to think, as in having an opinion, thinking something about something

Example: I think he's funny / Jag tycker att han är rolig.

Tro = to think, as in having a belief, thinking that something might be a certain way, but you don't know

Example: I think he's American / Jag tror att han är amerikan.


In english you can say the man likes coffee and not the coffee


Why is kaffet pronounced with a long 'a'? Doesn't the double 'f' make the 'a' short?


You're right, the TTS is horrible here. This is what it's supposed to sound like: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/kaffet/


And just as bad three years later!!

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