"En trädgård"

Translation:A garden

January 10, 2015

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Notice that the pronunciation of trädgård is a bit irregular. The -d is silent and the vowels are short, making it sound more like träggård. Here is another pronunciation.


Change the g to y, and spell things phonetically and you'll get tre-yard ie tree yard, which is exactly where this word comes (from Proto-Germanic trewą and gardaz, something like trewgardaz, I guess?)


what is the difference between a trädgård and a gård?


A "gård" can also be the yard of a block of apartments. A "trädgård" is supposed to be green, but if you are unlucky a "gård" can consist of asphalt only :).


Trädgård is a garden attached to a house typically, like your lawn or back yard. Gård is more like a ’farm’.


Furthermore, a 'gård' can mean a 'country house', mainly stressing the house, with the rural setting implicit


That's awesome! As I explore Swedish pop music, I've learned I like Veronica Maggio so this is such a win/win with the lyrics subtitled in the super cute animated video. Tack så mycket!


Trädgården av Eden? Edens Trädgård?


It is the biblical garden, it is 'Lustgård'


Edens trädgård or Edens lustgård


Does this literally mean "tree court"?


As in courtyard, not as in a legal or royal court. Though the roots of those words are the same.


Why do you say trädgård = tree garden? Why not just garden = gård? I'm German and I just wished I knew why this word is like it is today and I want to know its etymology.


'Gård' (lantgård) is either more lika a 'farm' with animals or/and fields with commercial crops, or it is a plain 'courtyard' (without treas and plants) where the ground is asphalt/stones/sand etc. Trädgård = a garden with bushes, trees, e.g. apples, pears, cherries, berries, flowers, grass to play on.


I got the lesson where I 'type what I hear' and I typed "tragård" and it was accepted. I think considering how far off from the correct spelling it is, it should not have been accepted. When I use Duolingo I keep a tab open for Google Translate for situations just like this; to check my spelling. That's when I learned how incorrect I was.


When to use ä and å


They are two different vowel-sounds, you have to listen and learn to hear the different. Å sounds almost like the A before L in English 'All', it is a vowel in the back of the mouth. Ä is more in the middle of the mouth, sometimes not far behind the front-teath, you can compare it with the first E in English "There"

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