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  5. "Det är ett bi i köket."

"Det är ett bi i köket."

Translation:There is a bee in the kitchen.

January 10, 2015



Is it better to say Det är ett bi i köket than det finnss


Det finns is more for when things exist constrasted to not existing. Such as ”det finns två bröd kvar” (’there are two loaves of bread left’; and then they’re gone!) In this case, it’s just a bee that has gotten into the kitchen, so it’s better to use det är.


So we use det är if a thing exist in a place but it should not have to? thanks a lot. I think reading books will make me get used to it.


This just confuses me even more. Don't all things exist in contrast to not existing? I mean, this bee got into the kitchen somehow, so it didn't exist in the kitchen before and won't after it's let out of the kitchen...


My first thought was "there is a bi (as in bisexual) in the kitchen".


Well, we don't use bi like that, but even if we did it would be en. :)


Ah, fair point there.

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