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"Vi behöver veta mer om varandra."

Translation:We need to know more about each other.

January 10, 2015



Wouldn't känna be more appropriate than veta here, since we're talking about people? Or am I missing something?


Yeah, the sentence says that they need to ’know more about each other’, not ’know each other better’, i.e. one person wants to know facts about the other person, where they come from etc. And since we’re talking about facts, we use veta. If the sentence had been ’I want to get to know you better’, or similar, it would have been Jag vill lära känna dig bättre as you rightly say.


I think what he means is that "we need to learn more about each other" is more natural for English natives.


But learn is active in a sense that know isn't. It carries the meaning find out, so it would have to be something different in Swedish, like få/ta reda på mer.


Yeah, but what I mean is that I'm not sure if that context really even exists in English. I would normally say "We need to learn more about each other" in a getting-to-know context, and "We would need to know more about each other" in a nonactive getting-to-know-somebody hypothetical context.


And both those would have different Swedish translations. I think this is just the general fact that our sentences are so short that they're not really totally realistic. Nobody says Flickan äter bröd either, in real life.


wouldn't "of" be a valid substitution for "about"?


whats wrong with "we need to know each other more"


How comes sometimes it's att then the verb but other times, like here, att is omitted.


Is "We need to know each other more" translated differently?


Yes. That would be "Vi behöver känna varandra mer."


"... about ourselves" is wrong?


Yes, that would translate to "Vi behöver veta mer om oss själva." "Varandra" means the people the sentence concerns want to know more about the other person/people, "oss själva" includes knowing more about yourself instead of or as well as the other people.


Wow, a perfect sentence to start FLIRT lessons - Duomakers, what do you think? :)


Not really, unless your idea of flirting involves looking up objective facts about your partner.


When to use mer and when to use fler? Is there a rule or can I choose what I prefer?


mer with uncountable nouns and fler with countable nouns.

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