"The President of Ireland."

Translation:Uachtarán na hÉireann.

January 10, 2015


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Cén fáth nach bfhuil 'An' roimhe 'Úachtarán ...'?

January 10, 2015


Genitives only require one definite article per noun phrase, and it often goes between the two words. The na there expresses the "the" part.


I can't answer your question but I was excited to be able to fully understand it! :D


My Irish teacher says this: Uachtar = cream ( cream on top of milk when left to settle) Uachtarán = cream on top ( cream of the crop) head of the country


Is Éireann the people of Ireland and Éirinn the island of Ireland? (I understand Éire is the archaic name for Ireland.) I wrote Éirinn.


Éirinn is the dative of Éire. Éireann is the genitive. In many places Éirinn has replaced Éire as the nominative.
Éireannach, pl. Éireannaigh (or sometimes Gael, pl. Gaeil) = Irish person/people.


is Uaachtaran na hEireann what you would use in English or should you translate it?


It's sometimes used but 'President of Ireland'/'the President' is more common in English.


This really translates as "President of the Irish" or "Irish President", right?


No. "President of Ireland"/"Ireland's President".
"President of the Irish" would be Uachtarán na nÉireannach.


Would the h be gone if it eas a female president???


Why do the Irish have a president and a prime minister? Taoicheacht?

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Uachtarán na hÉireann/The President of Ireland is the Head of State, currently Michael D Higgins. The Taoiseach is the Head of Government, currently Leo Varadkar.

In the UK, Queen Elizabeth is currently the Head of State and Theresa May is currently the Prime Minster/Head of Government. In France, Emmanuel Macron is currently President, and Édouard Philippe is currently Prime Minister, in Germany, Angela Merkel is currently Chancellor (Prime Minister) and Frank-Walter Steinmeier is President. In the USA, the President is also the Head of Government. In Russia, when Putin's second term as President expired, and he was required to step down, he became Prime minister for 4 years, until he was eligible to become President again.

In some countries, such as Ireland, the UK and Germany, the role of Head of State is largely a figurehead, and is not part of the Government of the country.


The Irish presidents Roll is not really poiltical like the Roll of the President of the USA, the position is more ceremonial in nature, he is more like a cultural ambassador representing the Country internationally.

The Taoiseach is the Actual political leader of the Irish parliament, as in he is the leader of the party in Government.

Intrestingly the terms Taoiseach and Taniste ( prime minister and deputy prime minister) come from the ancient Irish Clan system.

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