"The woman supports the man."

Translation:Kvinnan stöttar mannen.

January 10, 2015

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I wrote "stödjer" and it was accepted. What's the difference between stöda, stödja, and stötta?


as per Arnauti in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5539306

stötta is a somewhat colloquial. For more abstract meanings, like if you'd say things like 'this supports her argument', or 'I support this suggestion', we only use stödja or stöda (those two are just spelling variants). stötta is more common for emotional support

These verbs are used in many expressions and which verb is preferred can vary a bit depending on the specific expression.


Does "stöttar" only mean support (financially) or can it also be used in other ways (the brace supports the wall) ( I support your decision)


I think most people would interpret the Swedish translation as The woman supports the man emotionally if there is no other context. But it could also be interpreted as financial support or mechanical support.


I'm having difficulties figuring out when a verb takes -ar and when it takes -er. Any hints?


It's quite irregular, I'm afraid. Verbs on -ar are by far the most numerous, but many of the common verbs take -er.


I always get those mixed up, too.


does supports also mean "bärare" ??

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