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Je suis Charlie

R.I.P to all the people who died in the attacks on the office of Charlie Hebdo. I personally don't know why people do such attacks on the name of religion and kill innocent people. P.S. Sorry if I offended you but these are my views on the whole attack.

January 10, 2015



You shouldn't be sorry for saying it. You're right. We mustn't forget the other victims as well. The police officers and the people who died in the Hyper Cacher. R.I.P


Thanks for your support but I meant that especially for people who believe that this attack was right.


Those who think that way shouldn't be replied or referred whatsoever.


Tolerance is a requisite of a free, open society. Apparently, in societies that are not free and not open, such a value cannot exist. Many countries tolerate views that even a majority of their citizens don't agree with, but they value freedom more than they value uniformity, dogmatism, autocracy.


Je suis Charlie et Ahmed et tout le monde mal dans l'attaque.

I'm Charlie and Ahmed and everyone else hurt in the attack.


Je suis Charlie aussi ! I fear that that is is the weak and cowardly manipulating people in the name of God, to do harm and cause unrest in the world. That has been the way of it since the first clever person with ambition realised that people wanted to enter a better place after this life. Simply by saying that it is God's bidding that you do, you will be rewarded in heaven. Let us be clear here, this is not just an 'Islamic' thing. So called Christians have been doing the same for hundreds of years and are still doing it. It is time to put a stop and say "No more killings in the name of MY God"


I agree with you. Which religion says that kill people if they don't believe in your god. Everyone has a right of speech.

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